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This wiki is about The Tellus Sector story and roleplay community in Second Life that anyone can contribute to. History is written by the storytellers and interactive participants. The Tellus Sector is an open storyline with a presence as an interactive and inclusive roleplay. The aftermath of intergalactic war and a corrupted metropolis posing as a cyber utopia bring the best of science fiction and post-apocalyptic roleplay together. Join us and contribute!

The Tellus Sector[edit | edit source]

It has been just a couple of years since the end of the Tellus Sector War. Planet Tellus is rebuilding, with a shining galactic capitol city made in the name of universal unification. The intervention of the Theos, a universal supremacy with a hand in many of the universe's longstanding miracles and mysteries, brought not only an end to the bloody Jagjit invasion, but also allowed for the advancement of Tellurian civilization beyond what it had achieved prior to the war. 

Many other sentients from across the universe came with the goal of offering aid to the city, but less fortunate extraterrestrials arrived in hopes of a fresh start in a new utopia. With immigration, foreign species have brought various cultures to Tellus, but not all facets are inherently good. While those outside Haven's large walls and dome have a tormenting look in, ignorant citizens look upon the interior projection of the dome and are force-fed propaganda to keep them inside.

Haven Metropolis began with good intentions, but has been twisted by personal agendas and a hidden socio-economic hierarchy. Beneath the heavenly capitol lies an underground ghetto filled with unfortunate immigrants and some unlucky Tellurians, mainly criminals and laborers. Brushed under a rug, discontent has no voice on the surface. Any imperfections are relegated to the rarely spoken of Subworld.

Few ever rise up from the Subworld, but more find salvation from the slums in the form of a tunnel. Rebel outcasts who refused to accept alien aid after planetary desecration at the hands of another outside species operate outside of Haven and within a network of underground tunnels. One such tunnel has been expanding, reaching into the Subworld to allow for recruitment efforts in the oppressed underworld for the sake of the rebel cause.

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